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Teaspoon of Sprinkles

You may think I’m only two posts deep into the blogging world, but I assure you I’m not. Teaspoon of Sprinkles is a space I’ve been dreaming of for years, and creating for months. The launch of this site on Monday was a day I never expected to see, quite honestly. I thought the planning stages would never end. The dreams would never stop. The time would never be right.

Well, the time is finally right. And I am so so so glad to welcome you into this new journey.

Here’s a little history of Teaspoon of Sprinkles:

You already know that I’m a writer. Blogging is in my blood. My mom runs a website/creativity blog, and I introduced you to my sister’s blog earlier. I had my first taste of blogging while running a Caringbridge site during the thick of my illness in 2010. Nearly a year ago, I was asked to contribute blog posts to a website dedicated to chronic pain. I’m known for long and meaningful Instagram captions. Sharing my thoughts with the world via the Internet feels natural, and it was time for all those thoughts to have a home.

Enter: Ricky.

About six months ago, not knowing that I was dreaming of my own blogging platform, my dad named my blog. Here’s the thing though- the name he came up with is not the name you see. Unfortunately, his idea was taken. Teaspoon of Sprinkles is the most natural variation of his original suggestion.

So, why Teaspoon of Sprinkles?

Well let’s start with the easy part: Sprinkles. I’m a girl of color, in every way. Sprinkles are like edible glitter to me, and I can’t get enough. Last year, I was known for ALWAYS having a jar of rainbow sprinkles in my purse, ready to brighten up any and every meal, ice cream cone, and milkshake. Sprinkles are what we call “An Ally Quirk,” of which there are many. My mom used to tell us “Sprinkles are for winners,” but I’m here today to tell you that you’re all winners, and you all deserve ALL of the sprinkles. You’re welcome.

Now, teaspoon. First of all, tea parties are not just for three year olds, I can assure you of that. Tea will never fail to warm my heart (unless it’s iced, of course!). You could also say that the word teaspoon ties into my love of baking- If you haven’t binge watched Great British Baking Show on Netflix yet, please do that tonight, and please fall in love with sweet Norman.

It’s the “spoon” part of teaspoon that proves to be the most significant, for reasons that many of you may have never expected. In fact, spoons are so near and dear to my heart that this explanation is deserving of its own post.

So, come back Monday to find out why I’m so in love with your favorite soup-eating-utensil. I promise it’ll change your perspective in all of the eye-opening ways.

With all the love,


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