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Teaspoon of Sprinkles: Part 2

Last week, I left you with a cliffhanger while explaining why I chose the name Teaspoon of Sprinkles for my blog. Today, I’d like to let you in on the history of my love of spoons.

If you know me personally, chances are that you know about my life with chronic pain. If you’re new to my life, first of all- Hi! Welcome! I’m Ally and 8 years ago I developed a disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Basically, my nervous system is broken and my brain can’t turn the pain signal off. Although my journey through chronic illness has had many different seasons and an abundance of highs and lows, for the most part my daily life has consisted of pain and various challenges. Currently, I experience full body burning pain 24/7 and often deal with a hypersensitivity to touch and sound- meaning that it causes pain to touch my skin, and I feel loud noises. It isn’t unusual for my arms or legs to turn purple, and I actively manage debilitating muscle spasms and tremors.

If you were to run into me casually on campus, you’d have no idea of the war raging inside of my body. CRPS is what we call an “invisible illness.” It’s very real and very significant, but it isn’t outwardly visible. You would only know that I have it if I were to tell you, or if you were to witness one of my flares.

This is where the spoon comes in.

A woman named Christine Miserandino created the Spoon Theory in an attempt to explain what it’s like to live with a sickness or disability. Although Christine battles Lupus, the parallels between all chronic illnesses are endless. Friends, please take the time to read Christine’s words. Read the Spoon Theory and allow yourself to get a glimpse into my daily life, and even more so into my heart and the hearts of millions of people worldwide who are walking the road of chronic illness.

Photo on 7-5-16 at 12.47 PM
A very special and artistic friend painted me a very special and artistic spoon and it made me feel very special and not artistic

Here’s the take away:

Sick or not sick, I feel strongly that it’s important to be intentional with our time, with our energy, and with our hearts. I may have fewer spoons in my pocket than you at the start of each day, but we still have the same opportunities to choose where we spend them and whom we spend them with. Personally, I love to spend my spoons on intentional time with my favorite humans (especially this one). As Christine mentions, we are careful not to waste or drop our spoons and we learn to live with a spoon in our back pocket.

I bet you’ll never look at a spoon the same way, will you? I hope that this has brought you some insight into the life of myself and other people you may know battling various illnesses. Please share the spoon theory with anyone and everyone that you feel may be encouraged or blessed by its message. Whoever you are, and whatever your connection to me is, I want to thank you for being here with me right now. Thank you for knowing me. You are all worthy of all of my spoons.

With all the love,


(all credit for the spoon theory goes to Christine and her website, of which I am not affiliated)

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