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Friendship Friday: Drea

Happy Friday, friends! This week I want you to meet the bestie of all besties: Andrea. Drea, as I most commonly call her, was my very first friend at Texas State two years ago. When we met, we were both physically impaired (I was on a walker, she was on crutches) and battling through the hardest biology class this college has to offer. Drea and I have had to say “Goodbye for now” way too many times- between the two of us we have two transfers, one drop out, and six major changes under our belt. We are currently living 45 minutes away from each other, and yet she remains my most loyal and constant friend.

So, meet my favorite forever Bobcat!

Our latest dramatic goodbye- the last day we lived in the same city together (May 2016)

What was your first impression of Ally?

Wow, how do I start…? I crutched into Ally’s life two years ago, which doesn’t really seem real to me. I feel as if I have known my home gurl since forever ago. I digress though. When I met her, I just thought she was an ordinary girl on a walker. I truly didn’t actually get a real opinion of her until much later when we actually became friends. At first, I just thought of her as a potential friend, and maybe a study buddy. In all actuality I just thought of Ally as the typical girl with the A type personality. We were extremely different, which in the beginning made me sort of nervous. She was sort of intimidating to be honest. Even so, she was actually the first friend that I made at Texas State. She and her walker walked into my life when I really needed her the most.

What is your favorite friendship quirk?

Ally and I do a lot of weird things together. For me to say that there’s a particular favorite quirk is hard. But if I had to pick something from our friendship that is completely unique, and extremely weird to us, is our morbid humor with a dash of cutesy attitude. I adore the way that Ally and I speak in the same tone of sarcasm. I’m pretty sure a lot of people would find our conversations disturbing in some ways. Even so, we don’t give a hot damn. We have bonded over humor, and I think it’s freaking hilarious. Which is why I voted for Ally as the future dictator of the modern world.

What do you value most in this friendship?

Now this is the thing, Ally is a hot mess. I’m a hot mess. We both come together to form the most amazing mess anyone has ever seen. We are so different in so many ways, but at the same we are so alike it’s scary. Ally gets me. Really, she does. Which is something I can only say about a very small group of people. I truly believe that the main thing I love about my relationship with Ally is how easily I can actually come to her with anything. I find it so refreshing that Ally won’t sugar coat anything. She is always honest with me, and she’s not afraid to tell me when I’m wrong. She gives me new insight, and she gets me thinking. With her I always learn something new, which is something that I extremely value.

What is your favorite friendship memory?

Let’s go back in time, to our freshman year at Texas State. When the air was heavy with moisture, and the weather was cold. The setting was Chautauqua, Ally’s dorm, the night before she left me that first time. (Edited to add: we knew at this point that I (Ally) would not be returning to TXST in the spring of 2015 due to my health. This was our first “see you later” night.) This was the night that cemented our friendship. We talked for hours, made fun of ourselves for the events that led up to our Bio final, talked about our problems, and more importantly we made the promise that we wouldn’t be separated by anything. Whenever I think of this night my heart fills with this amazing nostalgic feeling of love. So much was going wrong for me back then, but Ally truly made me forget about those things. Back when we made the promise of seeing each other again, I don’t think I saw how amazing our friendship would eventually become. Ally and I are no longer in the same city. We have been separated before. Even so that night reminds me that no matter what, we are always together. We have overcome so many things, even when we were hundreds of miles apart. Which is why that’s my favorite memory of Ally, because it reminds me of how far we’ve travelled, and how much we’ve grown together.

The first of many cherished reunions in our favorite part of San Antonio

With all the love,

A & Drea

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