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People Hope

I’m a passionate girl. You’ll learn more about my most recent passion for tiny plants soon, but in the mean time I want to introduce you to an organization that combines my most favorite and intense passions: faith, hope, community, and chronic illness/undiagnosis advocacy.

Meet People Hope.


People Hope is a nonprofit that was started by a woman with a dream and with a purpose: Anna King. Anna has brought to life a vision of unreal hope and love for people who are walking the path of chronic illness or chronic undiagnosis (meaning they are still waiting to put a name to their symptoms).

In the past, People Hope has been a social media based organization- reaching every corner of the world through posts bursting with hope and truth, bringing together people from every walk of life into what we call the “People Hope Tribe.” The Tribe is the most influential and inspiring group of people I have ever had the privilege of being a part of. People Hope has introduced me to some of my most cherished friends, and has given me a space to feel welcome in all of my broken glory.


People Hope just announced this past week that they are ready to launch their full website, after many many months of planning, fundraising, and prayer! Visit to find out more about what is to come. Mark your calendars for September 19- I promise you that People Hope throws some of the best Internet parties in the world. No matter who you are or what your life looks like right now, you want to be a part of this for sure. People Hope is for YOU- no matter who you are.

A few months back, a fellow Tribe member who I have grown to know and love asked what People Hope means to me. Here was my exact response:

“Oh wow haha I’d have to write a novel to find all the words to answer that. I guess to summarize: I’ve been sick for a REALLY long time, and struggled through my teenage years trying to choose between being “sick” and being “human” and in some way, People Hope opened my eyes to the reality that I don’t have to choose… Being sick is okay, I’m still worthy of love, I’m still full of purpose and potential… My diagnosis doesn’t change any of that. People Hope is a solid reminder that we are all perfectly created in God’s image, and our flaws and struggles only make us even more beautiful. It’s a reminder that I need daily, and People Hope provides that!! Plus, I love loving on others, and fighting these battles together. No one should be alone, ever. (haha told you I had a lot to say)”


If you’d like to know more about People Hope or how you can join the Tribe, please contact People Hope or me! Also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for daily encouragement, and use the hashtag #PeopleHopeTribe to connect with other incredible humans!

With all the love,


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