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Friendship Friday: Annie

Happy Friday, we finally made it to the weekend! This week I’m introducing you to the longest friendship I’ve ever had: Leigh Anne (aka Annie). I’ve known Annie literally for my entire life, considering that she is my older sister. We have a brother between us in age, and unlike most siblings, the three of us are the best of friends and have been for 20 years and counting. Annie lives in NYC and loves all things sweet, and hates all things outdoors. She introduced me to my love of dance at a young age, as well as my love of books and writing. She taught me how to speak sarcasm, and how to roll my eyes. I owe her all the gratitude in the world for that.

Meet my sister!!!

Brunch is the most important meal of the day

What was your first impression of Ally?

I was pleased that she was a girl, and cried much much less than Steve had when he was a baby. (Did I mention Ally’s my little sister? I was 6 when she came around.) Growing up, I think we had a pretty typical sister relationship, but we’ve really gotten close as teenagers and adults. At first, I thought she was equally adorable and annoying.

What is your favorite friendship quirk?

I feel like Ally and I have our own language- emojis or memes that mean certain things to us, and a sarcastic tone that is pretty unique to our family, if not just the two of us. I love that I can send her a string of ladybug emojis and that it says things that words can’t, but she knows exactly what that sentiment is. And no, we won’t tell you.

What do you value most in this friendship?

I can tell Ally anything, and often do. In thirty seconds our conversation can go from “this hilarious thing just happened” to “I’m feeling sad today” and back again, in a way that doesn’t happen with anyone else. And since she’s known me her whole life, she knows a lot of my secrets and stories and the context to my emotions – which gives her a unique perspective when I need advice (and I hope the reverse is true as well!). Ally and I also wear a lot of matching outfits which is fun for the obvious reason and also because it drives our mother crazy, even though she makes most of our matching outfits.

Our mom just made us these matching dresses, assuming we would never be seen in public together but NOPE HERE WE ARE

What is your favorite friendship memory?

Since we haven’t lived near each other for almost half of her life, I really value the times that Ally and I get to spend together (even though, as you’ve read, she’s an excellent long distance bestie.) When she came to NYC last year (click that link, you won’t regret it) it was the first time we’d really hung out since she had gone to college and started to really grow into her adult self. Those five days riding the subway, eating ice cream and looking at the skyline were a really special chance for us to get to know each other as grown-ups and start to get a glimpse of what our relationship will look like in the future.

With all the love,

A & Annie

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