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Quoted: Home

Ram Dass once said “We’re all just walking each other Home.”

Whoa. This is powerful & I’m not entirely sure why?

Lately, the concept of “home” has been so prominent in my heart. Where I am now – this place with this body – it’s temporary. It’s not my forever home. But what I’ve failed to recognize is that I’m not alone in that. We are ALL just fighting to survive. We ALL just want to make it through the day… and ultimately make it home.

My battle may be more physical and more public, but it is no more or no less than anyone else’s journey home.

We have to be more intentional.


More aware.


We have to be MORE.

I want to run towards the throne hand in hand with the ones that I love. It’s not a race. This life is NOT a race. With the gift of salvation and the promise of eternity, we are all heading to the same great place, where we get to remain forever – whole, complete and perfect.

Thank you Jesus!!

In the meantime, we get to endure this worldly journey together. The beauty painted across this world, even in the darkest corners, is ours to drink in – straight from the hands of the Creator.

It’s a blessing and an honor to be on this journey Home with some of the Lord’s best.

No one walks alone. Jesus, we’re coming Home.img_2543

(Full disclosure: This post was originally written entirely on April 17, 2016 – a season of life that was dripping in physical illness – as a private journal entry – never intending to be read publicly. It’s being shared here today simply because it feels right.)

One thought on “Quoted: Home

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us. For some the struggle is physical and very obvious, others – physical, mental, emotional and not so obvious (yet just as real). Today, I was reminded of Deuteronomy 20:4 and I have decided to add it to my scripture arsenal. Maybe it will bless you as well 🙂


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