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More About Me

To be quite honest with you – I’m slacking today. I have so much to do, that I sort of haven’t done any of it. So, to keep things simple, I’m going to answer 10 About Me questions in hopes that my new (and old!) friends can learn a bit more about me!

Lets get started…

Hi, I’m Ally and I love strawberry lemonade snocones

Where are you from?

I’m from Cleveland, Ohio! People knock Cleveland all the time, but I love it. I left Cleveland when I was 2, but I lived there for a few months last year (in the dead of winter…) and I fell in love all over again. Cleveland is home!

Do you have siblings?

You’ve met my sister, Annie. She’s 26 and works as a journalist in New York City because she’s a dream chaser and goal achiever. She’s my lifelong best friend and my favorite person. We have a brother, Steve, who is 23. Steve is also a journalist, working in Phoenix Arizona.He’s the one that taught me to be funny and how to not get caught. I also have about a million incredible humans who I’d love to claim as my siblings!

What are your 3 biggest fears?

Speedbumps (I’ll explain eventually…), failure and movie theaters.

Do you have any pets?

Crying already. I have a dog, but she lives in Dallas with my parents while I’m in college 4 hours away. She’s perfect and 100% me in dog form. Her name is Lexi and she’s a doberman beagle mix (I know, I have questions too). We got Lexi just before I became sick, and she was essentially raised to be an emotional support dog. She knows which of my legs she can and cannot touch, and she loves to snuggle.

What are your 3 favorite songs?

Right now I’m REALLY into JJ Heller. If you haven’t heard of her, she’s an acoustic christian artist. I  love her songs Love Me and and This Year. In addition, Fix You by Coldplay will forever be my favorite song.

What’s your favorite movie? 

Listen. My friends make fun of me for this- I simply can’t watch movies. Refer to question number 1 for my fear of theaters, but in addition… I truly can’t sit still or pay attention long enough to last through a movie. I either fall asleep, or walk away. That being said, The Little Prince on Netflix is incredible and I have watched it dozens of times.

What are 3 things that make you happy?

This is an easy one- My friends NEVER fail to lift me up, along with quiet time and a day at the river. (even better… a quiet day at the river with my friends!)

What’s your current major- along with career goals?

Okay this one’s mocking me, because I’ve changed my major three times. I’m currently a social work major and I am in LOVE with it. I can’t quite tell you what specific agency or field I’d like to use my degree in, but I have always had a passion for pediatric health care, as well as nonprofits.

What’s your favorite holiday?

Oh man. I don’t even know how to answer this one. The typical answer would be “Christmas!” but honestly Christmas isn’t a big deal in my house because my siblings no longer live at home. I’m gonna have to say Easter… I love me some Salvation.

What’s your favorite bible verse?

I’m going to steer this in a different direction, because I truly can’t choose one. I’m a massive Paul fan. Paul gets me. I’ll tell you that my favorite book in the Bible is 2 Corinthians, and I read it in its entirety at least once a day week.

And that’s it! Anything you want to know that I didn’t answer? Let me know!

With all the love,


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