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Quoted: Never

Recently I had a five hour conversation about Jesus on my couch with one of my favorite Jesus-lovin’ people. Life was hard. We were tired. He was good. The usual.

As I spilled my life juice all over her, and told her my fears of being a burden or being “too much” or “less than,” she shared with me a quote that a friend of hers had tattooed.

The tattoo reads “…and you never will be.”

Insert all the question marks here. Sounds harsh, right? It sounds like a negative remark, lacking hope or promise of purpose. But that’s where context comes into play.

The first half of the quote says “You are not too much…”

“…and you never will be”

Man. That’s what my little heart needed to hear. You could fill in the blank with dozens of affirmations, all ending with the same sentence: ….and you never will be. Here are some of my personal favorite affirmations:

  • You are not too much…
  • You are not less than…
  • You are not a burden…
  • You are not alone…
  • You are not a failure…
  • You are not your pain…
  • You are not a label…
  • You are not defined by your mistakes…
  • You are not unworthy of all the good things…
  • You are not unloved…

    Another sweet friend of mine painted this canvas for me as a daily reminder of all the things that I am not. (added bonus that it has sprinkles!)

Whatever you need to hear today, fill in that blank for yourself. Know that you’re not alone, and you never ever will be.

With all the love,



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