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Down at the Pumpkin Patch

Been a minute, again – I’m sorry! To be truthful, the last few weeks my schedule has been packed with doctors appointments, midterms, lots of rest, and failed attempts at going to school every day.

Despite the obstacles in my life, theres been enough good days to make room for a little bit of normalcy. There’s still plenty of coffee dates, Gilmore Girls marathons, and my favorite fall tradition with the best friend. (Is it still a tradition if it’s only happened two years in a row? I can almost guarantee it’ll happen every year in the future!)

We love us some pumpkins, y’all. A local church in town has the cutest pumpkin patch every year, and we’ve found ourselves going multiple times each year.

If you know us, you know we take dozens of pictures everywhere we go, and then delete 90% of them immediately.  Although we failed to take any pictures together this time around, here are some of me that survived this year:

Is it obvious how much I love pumpkins? No? Didn’t think so. Well- I really love pumpkins.

Surprisingly, this time around I only bought 1 pumpkin, and it was one of the most adorable and perfect tiny pumpkins that fits in the palm of my hand. I do believe we’ll be back this weekend buying pumpkins for a fun pumpkin painting (and possibly smashing?) party that we’re having on Monday! Stay tuned for that.

With all the love,


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