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A teaspoon of sprinkles with a cherry on top

Halloween may be over, but I wanted to share this year’s award winning costume with you!

Someone called me SunBae at one point and I couldn’t be more pleased with my costume choices

This ice cream sundae costume looks a lot more complicated than it really is. The materials are simple and cheap, and it only took me about 6 Gilmore Girls episodes to make (time is told in the number of episodes you watch, right? Right.)

The tutu was made with about 80 yards of white tulle. That sounds like a lot- I know. Pro-tip: buy the tulle in the floral department, not the fabric department. It’s the same price for almost twice the yardage.

I paired the tutu with a tank top that I already had, and glued pipe cleaners cut to be about 2 inches onto them. I started with more “sprinkles” on top, and fewer as I went down the shirt and into the skirt. This was the hardest part for me… I’m a perfectionist and wanted there to be order and methods to this process, but truly there is no order to sprinkles. I had to let go of a lot of perfectionism to get this done!

For the cherry on top, I cut a little bit of a styrofoam sphere so that there was a flat edge for it to stand on. I painted the whole thing red and stuck a red pipe cleaner in the top for a stem! Then I glued the flat edge to a headband. I wasn’t sure if this would work out- I thought the cherry would fall, or it would be unsteady on my head. I was wrong! It stayed right where I put it, and honestly I forgot it was even there.

Finally- the spoon. If you’ve been here since the beginning, you know that the spoon was a necessary accessory. I cut the shape out of cardboard and wrapped it in foil. It’s as easy as that! I’m thinking about hanging it on the wall… I sorta love it a lot.

And that’s all! Totally easy and totally cute. I may or may not put my costume on at least once a day just to look at myself in the mirror. No judgement.

With all the love,


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