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Brave Girl Gets Intentional

Last night I had the honor of chatting with and getting to know the heart of an incredible man named Josh. Josh and I have known each other for a bit on Instagram (follow him here and me here), but last night we took our friendship to a phone call level, and man was it worth all the phone anxiety in the world.

After nearly an hour and a half, I hung up the phone feeling more known and validated than I ever have in my life. Josh is a world-changer, and I like to think that I have the potential to be one, too. Our conversation was important. It was intentional. It was productive and educational, for both of us. It was brave.

When I shared with him that I think of myself as a good listener, we began to talk about the lost art of listening. He’s a talker, he said. He asked me why I consider listening to be so important. I told him about the way our generation tends to listen to reply, not to fully understand. I explained how listening closely allows for me to learn more about people, environments, and situations. It forces me to accept new perspectives that I would have missed before. Listening is my favorite.

We talked about the uniqueness of each individual in the world. We talked about how some people go to college, and some don’t, and how that is okay because we all have our own individually designed paths to follow. We talked about the “societal guidelines” that are engraved in our minds from a young age – “College only takes 4 years. You will settle down and live a traditional suburban life.” Both lies that he and I have individually dispelled. We talked about how we should celebrate these differences and encourage each other along the way.

We talked a lot about his mission to pour love into this world, and how I fully believed in this mission. His desire is to know stories and experiences that he might have never encountered. We both want to encourage and empower others the only way we know how, through intentionality and freely given love.


Slide1Friends, I want to challenge you today. I challenge you to have an intentional conversation today. Call someone that you haven’t talked to in a while (or ever!). Send an unexpected and encouraging text. Stop to compliment someone on the street. Spread love… we know this world needs it. 

Leave me a comment below letting me know that you’ve completed this challenge, and tell me all about it! I believe in your ability to be brave.

With all the love,


3 thoughts on “Brave Girl Gets Intentional

  1. This is a great point! Thanks for being open and honest. I love that you took time to get to know someone else better. I love listening, but I’m not good at it. I’ve been working on actually listening to people instead of trying to talk all the time. I feel as if a lot of my friends enjoy being around me more now that I listen more frequently.

    Love, Lizzy


    1. Thanks, Lizzy! There’s so much power in just listening for a while, and embracing the words of others. So glad that you’re discovering that! I’m sure your friends enjoy you ALWAYS because you are so worthy of their friendship, and being known and loved. You’re great!

      Your new friend, Ally

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