Friendship Friday: Friend Day Ideas

My best friends and I all love to have friendship dates and even entire friendship days. Here are some ideas of fun things you can do with your besties!

  1. Coffee Shop Hop. Y’all, this is my favorite thing to do. I have approximately 3940235 favorite coffee shops all within a 20 mile radius. I’ve spent entire days with my friends just going from one coffee shop to the next, getting our favorite pastries, sharing our favorite drinks, and making tons of memories. And of course, the carpool karaoke that happens in the car between coffee shops is priceless.
  2. Nature days. One of my most memorable friendship days was when my very best friend and I went from one nature adventure to another. We spent time at the river, hiked a couple of different trails. We left our phones in the car and just existed in nature together for as long as our pale skin would let us. We ended the day at our favorite pond in the middle of our favorite trail with our bibles in our lap and a whole sea of stars above us. Best part: we never even had to leave our own town!
  3. Cleaning Dance Parties. Ok, hear me out. If you have a ton to do and not enough time to see your best friend, do your chores together! If you need to clean up the apartment, blast the music and tackle it together. This is truly a time that most of my favorite friendship memories have been made. Running errands? Pick up your friends along the way and sing in the car and see how loud you can sing in the store without getting kicked out. No one said adulthood had to be lonely and boring.
  4. Family Dinner. My friends and I love to eat, that’s for sure. When we all have busy schedules and places to be, we make it a priority to share a meal together as often as we can. Rotate playing hostess, and invite everyone to bring something to contribute to the meal. Cook up some tacos or stir fry or spaghetti, clean up, and then go out for dessert! It’s a fun way to get everyone together in a quiet setting, hear about each others lives, and forget about the chaos of the world.
  5. Craft Night. What girl doesn’t love crafts? Even if you aren’t artistic, you can still slap paint on a canvas or use a hot glue gun. Bring everyone together to make friendship paintings or flower crowns or bookmarks. Everyone gets to go home with something cute and personal, and so many memories are made in the process!

What do you like to do with your friends? Any more ideas to throw into the mix? Let me know below!

With all the love,


One thought on “Friendship Friday: Friend Day Ideas

  1. Love this! I always pick up my bestie when running errands because why go to target alone when you can have your best friend with you doing the exact same task! Not to mention we both share the love of Target. Haha.


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