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Friendship Friday: Annie

Happy Friday, we finally made it to the weekend! This week I'm introducing you to the longest friendship I've ever had: Leigh Anne (aka Annie). I've known Annie literally for my entire life, considering that she is my older sister. We have a brother between us in age, and unlike most siblings, the three of… Continue reading Friendship Friday: Annie

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Friendship Friday: Drea

Happy Friday, friends! This week I want you to meet the bestie of all besties: Andrea. Drea, as I most commonly call her, was my very first friend at Texas State two years ago. When we met, we were both physically impaired (I was on a walker, she was on crutches) and battling through the… Continue reading Friendship Friday: Drea

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Friendship Friday: Angelica

It's finally Friday here at Teaspoon of Sprinkles, and that means we get to celebrate one of my favorite things: Friendship! Each Friday, I'll introduce you to another one of my favorite humans by sharing their answers to four of the most insightful questions. This week, I want to start by introducing you to my… Continue reading Friendship Friday: Angelica