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Stuck Right Here

Six weeks later... here I am. I miss this space, and I think about it all the time. But currently I don't feel like I have any thoughts worth sharing. Things are pretty negative around here. The best news I have for you is that I put my shoes on this morning without crying. Literal… Continue reading Stuck Right Here


A review: Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out

Recently, I had the opportunity to partner with Lifeway Christian books to review Alvin Reid's new book "Sharing Jesus (Without Freaking Out): Evangelism The Way you Were Born to do it). Full disclosure: I was given this book for free in return for an honest review: so here it is. Lets start on the personal… Continue reading A review: Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out


A Month to Forget

Hey friends, here's an unexpected Saturday post for you. This one's coming from my lil bitty heart after a lot of conversation with friends (both personal and blogging friends) during the most unexpected month. We all came to the conclusion that raw and unedited honesty seems best for now. I'm really frustrated, in a whole… Continue reading A Month to Forget


Friendship Friday: Friend Day Ideas

My best friends and I all love to have friendship dates and even entire friendship days. Here are some ideas of fun things you can do with your besties! Coffee Shop Hop. Y'all, this is my favorite thing to do. I have approximately 3940235 favorite coffee shops all within a 20 mile radius. I've spent… Continue reading Friendship Friday: Friend Day Ideas

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Hey friends, a little disclaimer here: I wrote this post two years ago and kept it hidden away until I found it last week. IT was incredibly heavy on my heart then, and super relevant now, so I think it's time to share. Let me know what you think!    Forgiveness is such a weird… Continue reading Forgiveness


More Inexpensive Apartment Decorating

In keeping with last weeks post about apartment decorating, I thought I'd share with you a bit of my haul of inexpensive decorations! Everything I share below costs $5 or less before tax, and truly makes my space my home. Faux Fur Rug (Five Below: $5): I had my eye on this rug long before… Continue reading More Inexpensive Apartment Decorating

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August Favorites

I never thought I'd be cool enough to have a favorites post but here we are. August was a whirlwind, but here are a couple of things that got me through: PerkUp coffee in San Marcos, Texas. I'm really fortunate to live in a college town that is full of cute and unique coffee shops.… Continue reading August Favorites

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It’s Not a Race

Today is my first day of senior year. I'm supposed to graduate in May and start a real job and be an adult. It's supposed to be almost over. I won't be graduating in May. Or August. Or even next December. If all goes according to plan (fingers crossed) Malibu and I will walk the… Continue reading It’s Not a Race

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Making an Apartment a Home

Last week I moved into a new apartment in preparation for the school year ahead. This is my second year living in an apartment, and I'm the type of girl who likes to make any place I live into a true home. Today I want to share with you 3 decorating tips that have made… Continue reading Making an Apartment a Home

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Tips & A Testimony (Guest Post: Cassie)

Hey y'all! I'm Cassie from Anchored in Amazing Grace & I'm so excited to be here! Today I will be sharing a bit of my testimony and how it affected my freshman year of college, as well as a few tips for all new and returning college students. So I'm gonna keep it somewhat vague,… Continue reading Tips & A Testimony (Guest Post: Cassie)