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Love That Sticks

One of my besties and her roomies (who are also my besties!!!) introduced me to my new favorite ministry: LoveThatSticks. Love that sticks is a social media based ministry run by a sweet girl in Houston Texas. She makes and sends out paintings and encouragements for those who need them. Here's how it works: You… Continue reading Love That Sticks

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The Girl With The Dog 

I'm at work right now. I can hear my bosses footsteps down the hallway. He's with someone. He asks if anyone's working in the nursery yet. "The girl with the dog is here" I hold my breath. "Allyson. Her name is Allyson." Sigh of relief. I have major identity issues, stemming from the time I… Continue reading The Girl With The Dog 

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Erin Condren Academic Planner: Review

This past January I decided that I needed to switch up my planning routine. My dad always makes fun of me for how meticulous I am, and how many to-do lists I tend to keep simultaneously. My planner is my life line and I probably wouldn't be productive at all without it. I have been… Continue reading Erin Condren Academic Planner: Review

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Malibu Miracles

By now I'm sure that you've met my dog, Malibu. She's a rescued St Bernard/Great Pyrenees who is in training to be my service dog for CRPS, Anxiety, Panic, and more. She's my best friend and I probably couldn't love her more if I tried. In the month that I've had Mali, she's attracted a… Continue reading Malibu Miracles


Maybe IDK, Maybe That’s Okay

Every Monday, Spotify updates my "Discover Weekly" playlist and provides me with all new songs to discover and fall in love with. Every week, the songs are perfect (how does Spotify do that??) and there's usually one or two that end up on repeat. This week: Maybe, IDK - originally a hip hop song by… Continue reading Maybe IDK, Maybe That’s Okay

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Rabies in the Name of Jesus

Happy weekend!! Today I've got a little story for you. Recently, I hinted at the fact that I have a fear of cats after being attacked by a stray last fall. I asked if you wanted the full story, and the people spoke! So here's what happened: Last year, I had the privilege of being… Continue reading Rabies in the Name of Jesus

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Under the Table

As you may know, I recently got a service dog named Malibu. She's incredible, and amazing at what she does. One of her favorite tasks to preform is called "under" and it literally means laying underneath a table, whether that be at a restaurant or class or meeting. She loves to lay quietly out of… Continue reading Under the Table

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Brave Girl Gets Intentional

Last night I had the honor of chatting with and getting to know the heart of an incredible man named Josh. Josh and I have known each other for a bit on Instagram (follow him here and me here), but last night we took our friendship to a phone call level, and man was it… Continue reading Brave Girl Gets Intentional

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The Liebster Blogger Award

Hey friends! This week I'm coming to you fresh off the road after a visit to my parent's house in Dallas. While I was away, I was honored to be nominated not once but TWICE for the Liebster Blogger Award! As a somewhat new and clueless blogger, this is definitely a joy. I guess I… Continue reading The Liebster Blogger Award

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5 Ways to Manage Chronic Illness in College

Happy Tuesday friends!! I want to introduce you to one of my favorite blogger friends, Liu! Today she's sharing her top 5 ways of managing chronic illness in college on my blog, and I'm sharing my top 5 things to bring to college on her blog! Make sure to leave us a comment telling us… Continue reading 5 Ways to Manage Chronic Illness in College