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GPA is not eternal

Happy Summer, Friends!

I’m coming to you a little raw today. A little bit of truth can never hurt.

It’s that time of the year when we all get our transcripts and grades back and find out how we did in all of our classes. For a lot of people, this is insignificant. You know you did your best, you’re happy with your efforts, and GPA means nothing. To you I say: Good job! I wish I had your confidence and self-acceptance.

But truthfully, I don’t.

I dread this part of the semester.

I know that I did my best, and I know that my best is enough. But that voice in my head continues to tell me that I could have done better and I didn’t try hard enough. That voice tells me I won’t graduate, I won’t get a job, I’m not smart enough, I should just give up now. I give in to that voice a lot, if we’re still being honest. I struggle to believe in my worth and value as a human and a child of God, and not a student at a university.

Does any of this sound familiar? Can anyone relate? Anybody?

Well tonight I’m finding my peace in the truth that I am loved and worthy exactly as I am. We all tend to joke that “GPA is not eternal,” but if you take a step back for a second… that’s exactly true. God isn’t going to look at our transcripts when we get to the gates of Heaven. He wouldn’t dare punish us for that one C we made in American Literature (honestly, why was that on my degree plan? Yikes).

So what if we’re not all 4.0 students? So what if we don’t all graduate early and get our dream job straight out of college? We’ve already been given the greatest love and acceptance in Jesus. That’s all we really need, right?

Chin up, friends. Graduation will come eventually.

You’re smart, you’re tough and you’re crushing it – no matter what your transcript says.

With all the love,


4 thoughts on “GPA is not eternal

  1. I totally resonate with this. It’s so easy to put our worth in things of this world, and think our entire future is in the hands of our GPA and grades. Also, our worth on top of all that. It can be a heavy weight on our shoulders. But these are all lies! Our worth is meant to be found in Jesus only, and He is going to do what He wants with our lives no matter how high our GPA is.

    Much love,
    Ashley |

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